About the Paracelsus Foundation

The foundation was established in 2012

The Paracelsus Foundation is the creation of the Gerber family, founders of Paracelsus Recovery, a mental health and addiction treatment provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our business, in its current form, was established in 2012.

At Paracelsus Recovery, we have a long history in providing private treatment to international clients. We work primarily with UHNW (Ultra-High Net Worth) families, celebrities, and others in positions of wealth and power, whose struggles with mental health and addiction are often overlooked.

As the world’s most exclusive treatment organization, we employ an international team of doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, and other highly qualified professionals. At the same time, we provide the individual care and empathy of a passionate family business.

We believe the wealthy aren’t spared from substance abuse and mental health problems, but are more likely to be affected. We use our expertise as a means to create more acceptance and empathy and to normalize the issue among the population in general.

Regrettably, research in this demographic is sadly lacking, and we dedicate both time and money to the advancement of high-quality, innovative inquiry.

By doing so, we believe we can offer the best treatment money can buy, and ultimately, prevent much of the suffering created by addiction and mental health disorders.

In His Own Words –  Jan Gerber

I am Jan Gerber, the founder of Paracelsus Recovery and Paracelsus Foundation. I was fortunate to grow up in a safe, loving, and protected family and country. Having been blessed with a son 18 months ago, the brutality of war and loss of childhood innocence weighs heavily on my mind.

Those of us who work in the field of addiction and mental health witness a recurring pattern: childhood abuse or other trauma can ravage a child, sometimes for a lifetime. This is why people often speak, appropriately, of a “lost generation” when children are affected by war and upheaval.