World Economic Forum: Mental Health and Addiction

The World Economic Forum draws many of the best and the brightest minds from the most competitive economies in the world. Leaders from the most peaceful countries are expected to attend, along with representatives of the smallest and largest countries by population, and quite possibly the most densely populated country.

All of these countries, including the world’s safest countries or even the happiest country, even those at the top of the World Happines Report, have one thing in common, and it isn’t the gender gap, patterns of movement of people, or worries about the state of the earth in 100 years. All are concerned about the growing problem with mental health and addiction, both of which present significant economic and moral dilemmas.

Addiction at the Top of the Ladder

All the money and prestige in the world doesn’t provide safety and security against substance abuse and addiction. In fact, numerous studies in the past couple of decades suggest that at least half of all wealthy, high-profile people have some type of addiction — substantially more than folks in the middle income brackets.

Last modified: April 30, 2019