Entrepreneurs & Suicide

Some of the world’s wealthiest, smartest, most successful entrepreneurs are choosing to take their own lives, and the number is growing year by year.

In 2018, suicide was blamed for the death of one of America’s most successful real estate auction firms, the co-founder and CEO of a popular gaming app, an American fashion designer, a Swiss insurance executive, and a well-known chef and author, among many others.

The high suicide rate is surprising to many, considering that successful entrepreneurs appear to have ideal lives with fewer financial problems and ready access to mental health care that is out of reach to many people. Although suicide is complex and difficult to understand, extreme stress, burnout, and depression are often to blame.

Entrepreneurs and Mental Illness: Statistics

Statistics on the rate of suicides among entrepreneurs are hard to come by, possibly because families prefer to keep the suicide of one of their own a closely guarded secret. Often, it seems that only the suicides of prominent, high-profile entrepreneurs tend to show up in the press.

However, depression and other mental illness among entrepreneurs aren’t uncommon. Forbes Magazine recently reported the results of a survey of 242 entrepreneurs conducted by researchers at the University of California San Francisco.

Last modified: April 30, 2019